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Cliff/Metallica Signed Items Info.

Arron's Tribute To Cliff Burton

My Dimebag Darrell Tribute. RIP

The 20th Anniversary Of Cliff's Death

Cliff Bass Tape Giveaway Dec 8,2004

Cliff Burton Video. February 25,2006

Cliff Burton Biography

Little Known Facts About Cliff

Cliff Burton Pictures

More Cliff Burton Pics.

Metallihistory From 85 To Cliffs Death

What Happened On Sept.27th 1986

The Bands Thoughts About Cliff

Other Bands Thoughts About Cliff

Cliffs Lasting Impression On Electric Bass

A Metallica Interview From Aug. 86

Two Interviews With Cliff

An Interview With Cliffs Parents from 1988

Metallica History

James Hetfield

Lars Ulrich

Kirk Hammett

Jason Newsted

Cliff Burton Message Board

My Music Equipment And My Band.