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I Can't Believe dimebag darrells Dead.... Its So Useless..... I thought about him so much since i heard about it and blasted Pantera And DAMAGEPLAN Cd's. NOBODY can understand why this happened but all i can say is that worthless fuck that killed him can RUST IN PEACE! He took a legend from us that fucking worthless fucker. they should blow his fucking body to peaces. Metal will never be the same.... that distinctive sound from Dimebag Darrells guitar will never be duplicated..... Its So worthless.... completely useless..... i've been listening to pantera for years and Damageplan was another brutal step in dimebags creativity. he was kicking ass with his new band. the metal world has lost another hero.....Randy rhoads was the first. this summer they came near my area and i got my cd autographed and 2 promo photos. ill keep that forever. It's Sad! everyone who's coming here to Remember Cliff Burton, REMEMBER DIMEBAG DARRELL and what he meant to everyone whos plays music and is influenced by him. Im A drummer and my brothers a guitar player and we always play together and we always wanted to be like vinnie and dime from pantera.... the brother duo. i cant imagine how Vinnie is feeling..... i cant imagine loosing my brother. EVERYONE IN MUSIC HAS LOST A BROTHER December 8th,2004 RIP Dime.... You Will Never Be Forgotten