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Arron P. AKA @cliffdimerandy Tribute To

Cliff Burton 1962-1986.

Aria Basses came out with a signature Cliff Burton bass. it's expensive, but i will own one someday. his father was at NAMM in January 2013 and he talked about cliff and signed autographs he's a cool dude for being 91 years old!! hes just like his son......RIP CLIFF! September 27th, 2018 was 32 years since Cliff has been dead i apologize for all the ads, there tripod ads, and you might have to wait a few seconds before you can click some of the links, im sorry for that but its something i have no control over.

This Page Is My Dedication To The Greatest Heavy Metal Bassist Cliff Burton Who Died In a Tragic Bus Accident Near Ljungvy Sweden In The Early Morning Of September 27th, 1986.

I Hope All The Metallica Fans Out There Remember Cliff And Know How Much Of An Influence He Had On Metallica. He Brought Great Structure To Metallicas Music. He Had The Creative Drive that Took Metallica To The Top. He Along With The Other 3 Members Created 3 Albums, The Third Album Which I Think Is the Greatest Heavy Metal Album To Grace This Earth -Master Of Puppets-. With His Death Now In The Past Metallica Have Sold Millions Of Copies Of There albums Since, But When It Comes Down To it You Cannot Forget About That Wild Bass Player Sporting A Rickenbacker With Hair Down To His Elbows And Ripped Bell Bottom Jeans By The Name Of CLIFF BURTON. According to Photographer Ross Halfin "Cliff ran that band, Abosolutely nothing happened without his consent, I don't think people realized how important he was"

RIP Cliff, The True Metallica Fans Miss You.

Are You questioning a Metallica With Cliff Burton Signed item? drop me a line. im very good at spotting fakes and originals. I have been lucky to collect some LP's that were signed by James, Kirk, Cliff and Lars. I'm no way an expert but i have an eye for Metallica with Cliff signed items. ive been helpful with peoples purchases in the past. or follow me on twitter @cliffdimerandy

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Cliff Burton Bass God
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Feb.14th, 2018 Was The 21th Year Anniversary Of My Friend Jasens Death In A Snowmobile Accident. I Miss You Jay And Im Always Thinking About You. I Remember The Good Times We Used To Have. RIP Buddy, Ill see you someday. i created a website for him at

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